Hosting an open house in Dothan, AL

Trying to sell your house?  Well, regardless of whether the plan is to sell through a real estate agent or as a for-sale-by-owner, open houses are one of the best ways to generate buzz and find potential buyers.  But of course, not all open house experiences are equal.  At Echo Properties, we’ve been buying and … Continued

Foreclosure Vs. Short Sale in Dothan, AL

Ever wondered what the difference is between foreclosure and a short sale on a home?  Well, we’ve been buying and selling real estate in Dothan, AL for quite some time now. We’ve helped many sellers out of sticky situations (foreclosure, job relocation, bad tenants, divorce… you name it). And if you’re interested, we can make … Continued

FSBO in Dothan, AL

Want to sell your house as a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) rather than going through a real estate agent?  That’s great! When you sell by yourself, you avoid some agent fees and can do things at your own pace and list your home for a price that you think is fair.  It is important to keep in … Continued

Hiring a contractor

Planning to hire a contractor to help repair or update your home?  It’s unfortunate, but at Echo Properties, we’ve seen a lot of homeowners hire bad contractors 🙁 Sometimes they quit the job half-way through, do a shoddy job, or charge you more than promised. That’s why we HIGHLY recommend vetting the contractor you choose … Continued

Cost of living

Want to move somewhere with a lower cost of living than Dothan, AL? Who could blame you! If it’s possible to make the same — or close to the same — amount of money and have that money go much further in another city, then it makes sense to move.  But the thought of ACTUALLY … Continued

Building Equity in Dothan, AL

How can a homeowner easily increase their equity?  Increasing equity on your home means you’ll make more money when it sells AND it means you can refinance to get a lower monthly payment.  So obviously, there are a lot of advantages to equity.  And the good news is, every mortgage payment pays money toward the … Continued