Tips To Sell Your House Fast on the MLS in Dothan, AL

Want to sell your home faster?

As it is, the average time to sell on the MLS (listing through an agent) is right around 55-70 days in the USA, according to Zillow.

And while many people, for various reasons, need to sell faster than that — maybe they need to move because of work or family changes, for instance — doing so can be a bit of a challenge.

You have to find the right buyer with the right budget at the right time.

So how can you increase your chances of selling quickly?

Here are a few tips!

Understand Your Comps — The more accurately priced your home is, the faster it’s going to sell. So it’s worth taking a little bit of time to gain a thorough understanding of your home’s comps. Be aware that some agents will overprice a home to try and put more money in their own pocket… even though this will cause the home to take longer to sell. Some agents can do the opposite and underprice the home which will make it sell quick but could cost you thousands of dollars.

End Your Price With 99 — It might seem like a silly sales trick, but ending the price tag on the home’s listing with “99” or “97” is likely to draw more eyes.

Focus On Photos — For bringing attention to the house listing, photos are probably the most important element. Buyers are scrolling through listings like they scroll through social media. And the photos are what catch their attention. So it’s probably worth paying a little extra to get great professional pictures.

Shows and smells well – You want it to be clean and free from clutter. The more someone can picture themselves living in your home the better. Also, try getting a nice aroma to ensure they remember the smell. Our sense of smell can trigger so many memories so make it smell great =].

Market The Property’s Strengths — In the listing, be sure to talk about the strengths of your property. Is it in a great school district? Is it a great home for investors to rent out? Talk about that to garner attention!

Hope that helps!

And if you want to sell fast for cash without all of the hassle, give us a call at 334-422-4477. At Echo Properties can make you a fair cash offer and close in as little as 2 weeks! Thank you for checking us out.

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