Should you a accept cash offer in Columbus, GA

Did someone make you a cash offer on your home in Columbus, Georgia?

Did it seem too low? Or maybe it seemed too good to be true? 

Whatever the case, when professional homebuyers make offers, they don’t always disclose WHY their offer is what it is… or even if it’s actually “fair” or not. 

And you’re not a real estate expert — so how are you supposed to know whether their offer is worth taking? 

Well, at Echo Properties, we’ve been making people ACTUALLY fair cash offers in Columbus, GA for quite some time now. 

And here’s some advice for how you can protect yourself and make sure that you’re profiting as much as possible on the sale of your home!

Ask Them To Explain The Math — This is the easiest way to determine if the buyer’s offer is good or not. Ask them to explain their comps. If they’re trustworthy, then they won’t have a problem with doing this. But it’s definitely a red flag if they avoid the question. 

Negotiate — Professional buyers are used to negotiating with home sellers, so don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and discuss the price with them. Remember, until you sign a contract, the power is in your hands.  

Understand Their Process — Typically, the benefits of selling to a professional home buyer are that being able to sell quickly and with fewer expenses than usual. But the buyer wants to make money on their end as well, so keep that in mind when they make their offer; it’s going to be a touch below market value. It’s a trade-off. 

Earnest Money — Any legitimate company will put down an amount of earnest money. It helps protect you in that they will be less likely to back out if they have at least some money at risk if they don’t fulfill the contract. Also, we’ve seen some non-professional companies try to put $10 or $100 as the earnest money. We have just noticed those that put very little down have often time backed out and not purchased the property. It’s negotiable but we typically put down $500 – $1000 when we purchase property.

If you want to learn more about this process and if you’re wondering if selling quickly for cash in Columbus, GA is right for you, give us a call at 334-422-4477.  We’d love to chat with you. 🙂 – Echo Properties

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